My teen girl talking circle saved my life
— Talina Wood, executive director, Teen Talking Circles
TTC circles create a vein of connectedness, safety and inner wisdom that roots self to earth, self to self and one to another in a profound and heart expanding way.
— Emily Graham, TTC Facilitator
I had the distinct honor of working with the TTC team at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center where, in conjunction with Seattle Children’s Hospital, they helped pioneer the use of unique, group-discussion sessions for teens with cancer. The TTC team’s knowledge, preparation, sensitivity, and facilitating skills were nothing short of remarkable. All of the Hutchinson Center’s peripheral support with scheduling, videotaping, would have meant nothing without their very effective and well-received work.
— Glenn Hanson, Former Senior Project Manager at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Thanks to the work of the TTC team of facilitators, the TTC model has given us an important vehicle for supporting our students. It has brought together girls who would not normally know or be together and has led to the making of lasting friendships. Girls participating in the circle have learned to listen and support each other. In the safe place the circle provides the girls feel the benefits of being able to open up to one another, to talk and vent. They frequently realize that they are not the only ones that feel the way they do and this is affirming. Students often convey to the adult leaders that the circle is the bright spot in their week. In addition, skills learned in the circle enrich peer relationships in the dorm environment where members of the group naturally apply compassionate listening. The Teen Talking Circle has been a positive addition to our campus and we anticipate this model continuing well into the future.
— Culver GCS staff
Imagine the courage it took to face the store owners of the shops the girls stole from — and with no one telling them they had to. If the goal of the Diversion Program is to teach kids to make better decisions so they don’t offend again, then these girls met that goal. I believe they were able to do that because of the confidence and support they gave each other under the guidance of their [TTC] group facilitator, Linda Wolf.
— Mary Woodward, Director KCSCJD Program
When I came to the States from Nigeria for the facilitator’s training with TTC, I really didn’t know what to expect. When I got home, someone asked me to describe what it was like. I told them that it was like going into a cave and not knowing what I would find; whether I would find wolves or snakes, but what I found instead was a fire where I could warm my hands, sit down, and someone gives me a warm bowl of soup...it was a place I knew I was safe. At the training, I made a deep connection into myself and with the others. I am healing from my past, and looking forward to the future.”Juddy Ogunneran, Past Director, Women & Youths Empowerment, Nigeria
— Juddy Ogunneran, Past Director, Women & Youths Empowerment, Nigeria
Girl’s Group was one of the most exciting parts of my high school experience, and still continues to hold meaning for me today. I remember sitting on the bluish carpet in the airy room and having so many long conversations about everything with girls I initially assumed were very different than myself. We discussed everything in detail, and no subject was off limits. Through our shared experiences and ideas on subjects ranging from mothers, drugs, boys, and being female, to dreams, fears and beliefs, we shared what it’s like to be a young woman today.

Every evening after Group, when I left the building and roamed back into the parking lot at twilight, I was emotionally exhausted but at the same time, I felt empowered, as though through this difficult process I was truly learning and growing more sure of myself, stronger, and newly connected and sensitive to issues and people I hadn’t personally known before. The same girls that I saw in high school but never talked to came to the circles where we were all on equal ground, all intending to separate ourselves from anything that we no longer wanted to be.
— Aryika Rockefeller, BI Girl's Circle Participant

This is a very important project that can make an enormous difference not only in the lives of girls who directly participate in it’s focus groups and programs, but in the lives of thousands of other girls through their books, web site, and internet possibilities.”
— Riane Eisler, author, The Chalice and the Blade; The Real Wealth of Nations; Center for Partnership Studies

“Our AmeriCorps members and volunteers serve as mentors to teens at high-risk of academic failure...The results they achieved doing Girl’s Talking Circles are commendable. Approximately 70% of the students served increased their attendance at school. Among the students with BECCA referrals, 80% of them are still in school and their absentee rates have been cut in half. None dropped out of school.”
— Bill Mandeville, , Director, Auburn Neighborhood Program

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