Culver Girls Academy 2018

Culver Girls Academy 2018

Giving Teens a Safe Space to Tell the Truth, and practice Compassionate Listening...

Circle in Truth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We administer the Teen Talking Circle Project, TTC Facilitators Trainings, and materials to support new facilitators to start and run Teen Talking Circles in their communities.

The Mission of Teen Talking Circles is to educate, inspire and empower young women and men, foster partnership between the genders, generations and cultures and support youth in positive self expression and social action for a just, compassionate and sustainable world.

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Through deep connection and intimacy in relationship, we discover who we are. Through listening to others, we create healthy relationships. Through being heard and hearing ourselves, we find our own answers.

Despite our increasingly plugged in, tuned in world, more people than ever are anxious, afraid, sad, feeling disconnected and lonely. Strong relationships to self and others anchors us and gives us peace in the discomfort of uncertainty. We live in uncertain times. Our youth are especially vulnerable to this. We can mentor them and give them a way to live through these times with consciousness, compassion, and true joy. 



This work saves lives.

Growing research indicates that healthy relationships are key for thriving. Yet how to have them, with ourselves and others, isn’t something that’s taught in schools or the workplace.

Dubbed "The Antidote to Social Media", Teen Talking Circles offers time-tested methods and warm, welcoming places for teens to practice being real without fear of rejection or judgment. In circle, teens can express freely what they feel, what they are going through, learn how to navigate relationships, conflicts and work towards personal and collective growth.

We’ve been offering Teen Talking Circles to youth and TTC Facilitator Trainings and retreats to adults for over 25 years. We are humbled and in awe of the value of circles every time a participant tells us that this saved their life.


Since 1997, Daughters Sisters and Teen Talking Circles have touched tens of thousands of people through trainings, workshops, retreats, speaking tours, books, circles, and special projects.

Our three books combined have sold over 70,000 copies and have been translated into Chinese and Turkish. 

We have trained hundreds of people in our methodology and way of circle.

Our special projects, such as the Full Woman Video Project ( Click Here ), have reached thousands of people around the world.