The Teen Talking Circle Project

What is a Teen Talking Circle


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Teen Talking Circles are designed to take place one day per-week after school, 9 months per year. Circles usually are no more than 11 participants and 2 adult facilitators. However, Teen Talking Circles can be designed to fit any type of need, setting and work for all kinds of groups. Today, TTC inspired circles are happening worldwide, conforming to the needs of individual facilitators and groups of youth.

The original design for TTC Circles was established on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Purchase our books from this webiste, Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun, Global Uprising; and Speaking and Listening From the Heart, and learn about our trajectory, and how to lead a circle in your community.

TTC programs emphasize the value of relationships to self and others. We help teens become healthy in vital ways. Through deeper communication, self-expression, revelation, better judgment and maturity, resilience, assertiveness, self-awareness, compassion, empathy, connectedness, respect, consciousness, listening, integrity, acceptance of self and others, truth, emotion, love, connection, and physical expression, and much much more!

facilitator training workshops

Our Facilitator Training Workshops are experiential intensives designed to teach adults the basics they need to know to run circles of any duration or size. We offer one-day introductory workshops, four-day basic trainings and week-long advanced trainings and circle retreats in a home setting, on-site location, community center, insitution, or retreat center.

Our TTC training staff are active facilitators, and teens who are currently in a circle or have been part of a circle during their school years.

Our lead trainers have extensive experience in process-oriented modalities, and are either certified in the practice of Compassionate Listening(SM) or have taken advanced training.

Teen Talking Circle Training Participants:

Adult participants come from all walks of life: counselors, youth service providers, parents, teachers, professionals...

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